Acrylow is a patented yeast. A natural ingredient that reduces the amount of acrylamide in food by up to 93%.

Improve public health

Despite demanding EU regulations there are several ways for food producers to stay compliant, utilizing the means at their disposal while improving public health. Using Acrylow in the manufacturing process helps to reduce the formation of acrylamide. Acrylow, which is an active yeast, contains the natural enzyme asparaginase and with its metabolism reduces the formation of acrylamide. It can, depending on product and category, reduce the level of acrylamide by up to 93%. Completely naturally.

How Acrylow is used

Acrylow has minimal impact on the production process, if any, as it is dosed in very small amounts. Acrylow thus does not significantly affect fermentation or the appearance, taste or texture of the final product. Acrylow is the result of advanced scientific research and comprehensive development efforts. It is a patented yeast strain which among other turns asparagine into aspartate. Although Acrylow is an active yeast, it has low gassing power compared to a baker's yeast, which means that the production process is not affected. Acrylow is not limited to fermented foods and can be considered as a processing aid which is easily mixed with other ingredients.

Acrylow in action

Acrylow is used in food production. The ingredient is at its most effective around temperatures of +35-40 °C, added in grams per kilo dry weight. Dosages depend on the production process, additional ingredients and contact time. Contact time, the time from when Acrylow is mixed with other ingredients until heating, is crucial for the degradation of asparagine. This is why a well-customized production process is crucial. Increased contact time results in higher degradation at smaller doses, but may require adjustments in the production process. As each production process is unique, consultation and tests are always performed prior to implementation.

Why Acrylow?

Efficient – Reduces acrylamide levels by up to 93% 

Robust – Same result each time

Easy to use – Easily mixed with other ingredients

Quality assured – Does not affect appearance, taste or texture

Natural – Non-GMO yeast, without allergens and additives

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