What is acrylamide?

Acrylamide is a known carcinogen with the potential to damage chromosomes. Acrylamide is formed when sugar and asparagine, an amino acid that occurs naturally in food, are heated above 100 °C.

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what is Acrylamide

Why Acrylow?

Acrylow reduces the amount of acrylamide in food without altering its taste, color or texture. Acrylow is completely natural, non-GMO and free from chemicals.

How it works

EU directives

The EU Regulation, EU 2017/2158, establishes mitigation measures and benchmark levels for the reduction of the presence of acrylamide in food.

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Acrylow is a patented and all natural product that reduces the acrylamide levels in food. The product is added during the manufacturing process without impacting the appearance, taste or texture of the final product.

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